Monday, November 12, 2007

Love on the 5 Train

So you're on the subway and you see "her" - the heavens part, angels sing and you know you have found the girl of your dreams. The problem is, you loose her in the crowd - knowing that in a city of 8 million people you'll probably never see her again. That is unless you're a creative web developer like Patrick Moberg. When he lost the girl of his dreams on the subway, he drew her picture and created a website to find her.

And it worked. In a matter of days he knew that the girl with a flower in her hair was Camille Hayton, a 22 year old intern from Melbourne, Australia. She and Mr. Moberg are now in touch, but they will pursue any relationship without a webfull of onlookers. Posted on the website they say:

"In our best interest, there will be no more updates to this website,"

"Unlike all the romantic comedies and bad pop songs, you'll have to make up your own ending for this."

Who knows, perhaps next time we'll see them hand in hand on the 5 Train, pushing a pram.

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